Steven Norman on Business Essentials Podcast

Adapting to the New World of Selling

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for Business Essentials by Chris Ashmore. Digital tech has made consumers lives a lot easier; but are businesses keeping up with customer’s buying habits?

The sales function and the way that companies sell has not changed much in the last 20 years. In comparison to marketing and customer experience functions, how we manage supply chains and factories – those operations have completely transformed. Yet sales has not evolved at the same pace.

How do we tackle the problems of product commoditization, intense competition, and the shift in buyer behaviour?

In sales, we need to become experts in the customer’s domain. I discuss this and more with Chris in the podcast.

A paradigm shift is needed for many sales teams to achieve more tailored and professional sales skills. This is accomplished through leaders developing a Future-Proof sales strategy.

As a 25 year veteran and lifetime student of sales, I am passionate about helping sales leaders and companies overcome these hurdles and elevate their sales strategies and processes in line with today’s market.

Enjoy the podcast episode. If your company is experiencing any of these common problems, particularly in the B2B and technology space, get in touch for an obligation free consultation.

Steven Norman on the Business Essentials Podcast

“If you really take care of you customers and give them an extraordinary experience where they get that they matter, they get that they’re very, very important to your business, they will go out of their way to support you.”

Darrell shares with us how high customer satisfaction leads to strong business growth and helps us get away from price pressure. A must listen for all Sales and Business leaders.

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