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Making Channel Sales Work | Marcus Cauchi Podcast Pt 1

90% of technology will be sold through the channel by 2026 (Forrester). But do we have enough priority on getting our channel sales approach right? So what does great channel sales management look like and what are the implications of getting it wrong? Marcus Cauchi...

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Social Media for B2B Sales With Jack Kosakowski

Jack Kosakowski is the CEO of Creation Agency(US Division), a B2B marketing agency helping fast growing tech companies and some big brands drive their business forward with innovative digital strategies.Jack is an expert and pioneer of Social Selling and shares a...

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Steven Norman Interviewed on Talking Business with Alan Kohler

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Mr Alan Kohler on his show “Talking Business.” We discussed some of the difficulties sales leaders and their teams are facing, and what strategies and systems can be implemented to transform modern sales teams into future proof...

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Andy Paul Podcast | It’s HOW You Sell, Not WHAT You Sell

Andy is one of the world's top sales thought leaders with 168,000 followers on LinkedIn. He is also an accomplished author of two well known sales books. One of the big themes in Andy's work is "It's how you sell, not what you sell", so we delve into that topic in our...

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Replicate Rockstar Reps and Overcome No Decision

“No Decision” is one of the biggest problems that sales teams face today with 58% of deals ending up nowhere (SBI survey). We go into depth on this topic and how to address the problem in my podcast with Calum Kilgour and John Bissett from Slingshot Edge - a company...

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