Create a Coaching Culture and Help Your Team Thrive

Sales is tough; but it’s also a lot of fun when you’re crushing it.

Achieving true success takes ongoing development - not only of an individual's skills; but of their mindset and focus.

Do you have the time to effectively coach your people individually?

The Statistics Say It All

Companies with dynamic coaching programs achieve 28% higher win rates.
- BrainShark
Companies that provide quality coaching can reach 7% greater annual revenue growth.
- Business2Community
Without follow-up, salespeople will lose 80-90 percent of what they learned in training within a month.
– Sales Alliance
Companies with a formal training process reach 91.2% of sales quota.
- Hoopla
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Training, Reinforcement and Coaching = Lasting Change

Training on its own just doesn’t work.

Reinforcement and individual coaching is the key to embedding processes, developing skills and mindset, and creating a resilient, united team.

Coach them to become sales athletes.

Inspire your whole team to be happy, motivated top performers

One on One Coaching for Salespeople

Support an employee's journey within your organisation in a way that unites them with your company on a deeper level.

Together we establish specific skill enhancement goals and work on obstacles that are holding them back.

Develop a winning sales mindset and the resilience required to bounce back from adversity and reach their full potential.

Executive Coaching For Leaders

Are you the best leader you could be?

What are you doing to achieve your own personal and professional goals, and take care of your wellbeing?

I can help you gain clarity, better handle the stress, and win back the time you need to be a high achieving coach and mentor to your team…without burning out.

Who We Work With


Tech Companies

From large multinationals to exciting SaaS companies in the hypergrowth market entry phase in ANZ or APAC. Drive new sales through effective account acquisition programs, improve your funnel velocity and enhance your forecasting accuracy. Set you and your team up for long term, sustainable growth.



Fast growing founder-led businesses who have achieved some critical mass and are looking to scale and ramp up operations. Lay the foundations for a future-proof sales machine built for your ideal customers. Make the right hires and create a team culture aligned with your company goals

ABOUT steven

Welcome to my passion project!

Having been through more than a hundred quarters as a sales professional and tech sales leader – believe me I have felt all of the highs, lows and pressures.
Trusted consultant to some of the world’s leading enterprise tech companies, and exciting SaaS startups.

Steven Norman

“Optimise your sales structure to set yourself and your team up for long-term success in this high intensity and challenging market.”