Behind Every Successful Team is Proven Systems and Processes

Key moments and methodologies in your sales processes are clearly defined. Your playbook is custom designed to help all reps sell with confidence, and consistently get results. Create a next-gen revenue driving force

Why We’re Passionate About The Playbook

When everyone is on the same page, big things can happen

B2B Sales Playbook Elements




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Who We Work With


Tech Companies

From large multinationals to exciting SaaS companies in the hypergrowth market entry phase in ANZ or APAC. Drive new sales through effective account acquisition programs, improve your funnel velocity and enhance your forecasting accuracy. Set you and your team up for long term, sustainable growth.



Fast growing founder-led businesses who have achieved some critical mass and are looking to scale and ramp up operations. Lay the foundations for a future-proof sales machine built for your ideal customers. Make the right hires and create a team culture aligned with your company goals

ABOUT steven

Welcome to my passion project!

Having been through more than a hundred quarters as a sales professional and tech sales leader – believe me I have felt all of the highs, lows and pressures.
Trusted consultant to some of the world’s leading enterprise tech companies, and exciting SaaS startups.

Steven Norman

“Optimise your sales structure to set yourself and your team up for long-term success in this high intensity and challenging market.”

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