Matt Michalewicz

AI and how it is optimising Sales Activities with Matt Michalewicz

Matt Michalewicz has spent his whole working life in the AI field. He is a serial entrepreneur who is currently the founder and CEO of Complexica, an amazing Australian tech company at the cutting edge of AI solutions for the sales function.


Matt shares what’s going on in the world of AI in general, and then narrows in on how it can assist the sales function. Many companies are applying this technology already, and it’s clear that we will all be following suit very soon – or risk being left behind.

The Complexica solution, called Larry, helps your salespeople visit the right customers at the right time, and assists them with the best talking points in order to improve your productivity. Sales reps (especially those with busy territories) just don’t have the time to fully research every call manually. Larry does it all for you, and provides relevant advice directly to your tablet or phone.

Check out a video here that outlines the Complexica solution.

Key Points of our Discussion