Tips for New Parents Returning to Work with Alana Brittain

Alana Brittain has had a distinguished sales career in the healthcare and technology industries and is currently a Sales Leader for LinkedIn Australia. Alana wrote a great article “Top 5 Tips for New Parents Returning to work”, which created a lot of interest and became the subject of our new podcast. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Choosing to return to work after having a child can be a very personal choice. For some it can be weeks, for others years. It completely depends on what your priorities are and what works for you and your family. After having my daughter eight months ago, I decided to start working again after three months. And it was an eye opener.


Despite all the planning and organisation before my daughter’s birth, I completely overlooked everything that is impacted after the big event, particularly the fact that both motherhood and work are demanding, tiring, and stressful experiences.”


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Key Points of our Discussion