Scaling B2B Sales and Developing your Sales Playbook with Alex McNaughten

Alex McNaugten, Founder of “Sales Leaders” and “Apprento” is passionate about solving New Zealand’s sales and revenue operational capability gaps, and building RevOps for globally ambitious organisations who want to scale 🌏.

At only 27yrs, Alex has trained hundreds of founders, executives and sales professionals, and worked across 80+ Kiwi and Australian businesses, helping them to reduce their sales costs, speed sales cycles, maximise win rates, build out teams, expand into new markets and ultimately generate $10s of millions in new revenues through:

🎯 Strategic Sales Advisory, Revenue Operations and Sales Consulting Services
🎯 Sales Training either 1:1 for founders/execs or for teams
🎯 Sales Management training
🎯 Online, self-paced Sales Training Courses via an eLearning platform
🎯 Virtual RevOps Leadership services for eligible businesses

A must-listen for leaders of any B2B sales team; but in particular those in the tech space that are looking to scale their business safely and efficiently.

Learn more about Alex’s company Sales Leaders and find him here on LinkedIn

Key Points of our Discussion