Authenticity in Sales with Jason Cutter


Jason Cutter, CEO of Cutter Consulting Group, is an author, podcaster and sees himself as a sales success architect for companies and individuals. Even though he didn’t have a sales upbringing or background (his bachelor’s degree is in Marine Biology), he knows what it takes to be successful in sales. His new book – Selling With Authentic Persuasion – is focused on helping anyone in sales transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker.

In This Discussion:

  • What authenticity means in the sales profession
  • Self-awareness and being human in sales
  • The keys to long term sales success
  • Jason’s journey into sales and his early experiences
  • The importance of our intention
  • People don’t buy drills, they buy holes!
  • Uncovering underlying customer needs
  • The sales success Iceberg
  • Why even for top performers need ongoing coaching and development
  • A high level overview of Jason’s new book Authentic Persuasion

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Steven Norman

Steven Norman

Steven Norman is an accomplished frontline sales and business leader dedicated to helping B2B sales leaders upgrade their knowledge and skills, build next-generation sales teams and turbo-boost their careers. Over a 25 year career Steven has been responsible for more than US$4 billion of sales with major tech companies such as Dell, NEC and Targus across the Asia Pacific. Recent years of intense B2B sales research and analysis led to the foundation of Growth Acumen, a modern sales and leadership development advisory service. In 2019 Steven released his New Book Future Proof Sales Strategy. Seven steps to equip sales leaders with the tools to rise above the complex challenges facing the B2B sales industry.

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