Developing The Sales Process For Founders with Brendan McAdams

Brendan McAdams is Co-founder of Expertscape, a global directory of medical experts,
And also Founder of Kiinetics.

Kiinetics is a specialty B2B sales coaching and consulting practice with an emphasis on sales strategy and techniques, marketing, customer success and relationship management.

Brendan has particular industry experience helping healthcare technology companies advance their sales success into health plan, ACO and health system markets.

Over the last 10+ years, Brendan has helped dozens of founders recognise, attack and overcome the very common challenges unique to early-stage startups:

– Fear of rejection
– Dealing with competing responsibilities
– Handling proposals and customer negotiations
– Managing the revenue expectations typical of an evolving product roadmap
– Navigating the complexities of developing a
repeatable (and standardized) implementation and successful onboarding process


Sales Craft For Founders

Sales Craft For Founders Brendan has also written a book on sales fundamentals, SALES CRAFT, that outlines 50 fundamental sales skills, practices and ideas that every sales professional should consider as they work to improve their sales effectiveness.
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Key Points of our Discussion