The secret to C-Level Sales Success with Jacques Sciammas

How should salespeople prepare for and approach C-level execs in order to get their attention?


Jacques Sciammas has held many C-level roles at several global corporations, where he was responsible for making executive buying decisions for over 25 years. Through his company, Selling To Executives, he now consults to and coaches sales organisations on how to effectively navigate the buying committee, and successfully sell to the C-suite.

Master the art of executive selling and avoid no-decision outcomes.


Drawing on his corporate executive experience, and representing the executive buyer’s perspective, Jacques conducts interactive workshops and keynotes to global sales teams, on how to successfully prepare, access and credibly engage with a client Executive. His extensive corporate experience includes EVP at Berkshire, CFO at Charles Schwab’s $2 billion Retail Division, Director of International Operations at Standard & Poor’s, and Director of Capital Programs at TWA.

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Key Points of our Discussion