Advanced Outbound Calling Techniques with Chris Beall

For the past 35 years, Chris has been participating in software startups as a founder or at the very early stages of development. His focus has been on consistently creating and taking to market simple products that can be used successfully the first time they are touched, without taking a course or needing to read a manual.

Chris fully believes that the most powerful part of any software system is the human being that we inappropriately call a “user,” and that the value key in software is to let the computer do what it does well in order to free up human potential.

The reality of serial dialing is that the average person can’t make more than 75-100 outbound dials a day to their intended targets, which may result in 6-8 conversations with decision-makers.

ConnectAndSell can make that same number of dials in less than an hour. The result? Within 2-5 minutes ConnectAndSell allows you to speak with one of your intended targets: Conversations On Demand.

Since 2007 ConnectAndSell has helped sales representatives at nearly 1000 companies, including hundreds of technology startups and several Fortune 500 companies, overcome the challenges of getting people on the phone.

Chris’s solution helps companies grow their revenues faster than it’s practical to grow their sales teams, by allowing existing reps to have more sales conversations in 90 minutes than they would otherwise achieve in an entire week.

To connect with, and learn more about Chris you can find him here on LinkedIn And learn more about the power of Connect and Sell

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