Sales Hiring in a Candidate’s Market with Dan Kijewski

Dan Kijewski is Senior Director of Enterprise and Staffing Sales at Talent.com – a leader in the recruitment advertising and technology space. He is responsible for sales strategy, strategic planning, recruitment, marketing, product, and all activities required to grow the US Enterprise and Staffing team into a $25m+ business over the next 12months. Dan has 20+ years of sales experience, coupled with his recruitment expertise and deep knowledge of the current market. Dan shares his valuable insight on hiring sales talent in a candidate’s market, and how both employers and candidates should approach recruitment processes in order to have the best outcomes for all involved.
“Small and Medium Sized Businesses especially (SMBs) need a plan to have a consistent pipeline of candidates at their disposal. In the current candidate market, they need to be prepared to lose people as well as learn how to bring on new candidates faster and expect these hiring challenges to continue for the foreseeable future.”
– Dan Kijewski
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Key Points of our Discussion