Crush Your Quota with Ian Koniak

Ian Koniak is an accomplished sales coach, trainer and keynote speaker who helps B2B Account Executives perform to their full potential and crush their quotas by mastering the mindset, habits, and skills needed to perform at the highest level.
Ian has been a top performing Account Executive for 19 years, with over $100M in career sales at Fortune 500 companies. He’s led and developed teams, and was recently the #1 Account Executive in the Enterprise Select Division at Salesforce.

Ian is now on a mission to share his secrets to success with the sales community.

Most recently Ian worked as a Strategic Account Director for the Enterprise West Sales team at Salesforce, where he partnered with their largest customers to help them drive growth, innovation, and success on the Salesforce Platform. At Ricoh, he led a team of 10 Sales Managers and 70 reps responsible for 60M Annual Revenue across hardware, software, and services.

"After a near death experience, I started a coaching business to serve others and help them achieve incredible success. My mission is to share my learnings over 19 years in tech sales to help AE’s perform their best."
– Ian Koniak
To connect with Ian, you can find him here on LinkedIn
Or visit Ians Website https://iankoniak.com/ to learn more

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