Mastering Sales Turnarounds with Kent Eimbrodt

Taking over underperforming sales teams can be a huge challenge, management want fast results, the team will be looking to you for direction and no doubt changes will need to be made. But what is the best way to approach this problem?

Kent Eimbrodt is the General Manager for Bullivants. He is a high-achieving professional and an exceptional business leader. With over 30 years experience in sales and management, Kent’s wealth of knowledge is a trusted resource to improve team confidence, and performance.

Kent has successfully turned around multiple businesses, he shares his approach and several frameworks he uses to get the team focused on the right activities and generating the desired results.

We discuss the importance of a solid and defined value proposition, and the power of customer data. Kent suggests using Alex Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Canvas to precisely determine your customer profiles, define the most important components of your offerings and achieve product/market fit.

Kent elaborates on this and more during the interview.


You can check Kent out in the links below –

Kent Eimbrodt – LinkedIn

Bullivants- Website


Key Points of our Discussion