Accelerate Each Stage of the Buying Process with Patrick Baynes

Patrick Baynes is CEO of Nerdwise who helps sales teams “Sell More Wisely.” Nerdwise is an all-in-one sales enablement solution to accelerate each stage of the buying process from prospect discovery to outreach and acquisition. Clients get VIP access to list generation, campaign management, lead scoring and coordinated marketing activities.

Nerdwise is used by leading sales teams including Sandler Training, BTI, RAP Index, DP3 Tech, Reflective Energy, Lynk Capital Markets, TechAdvisors and hundreds more.

Patrick has been in the tech space for a long time, working at LinkedIn was his first job out of school and the perfect launch pad into the internet and software space. He was once told that if he was sliced open to see what he was made of, it would mostly be LinkedIn DNA.

Following LinkedIn, Patrick co-founded PeopleLinx, the first employee-based social marketing solution for LinkedIn. The company was acquired in 2015 by Frontline.

We discuss how companies can work smarter and grow faster by leveraging the latest marketing systems, technologies and best practices.

To connect with, and learn more about Patrick you can find him here on LinkedIn and learn more about Nerdwise software and services here

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