Progressing Your Sales Career Through Highs and Lows with David Shepherd

Progressing your sales career through a transient and tumultuous environment can be with its ups and downs. In my latest Future Proof Selling Podcast Episode I had the pleasure of discussing the subject with David Shepherd, ANZ Country Manager for HubSpot. He’s had a remarkable career and progression with the company, having joined HubSpot NINE years ago when they had only 150 employees, now they employ over 3000 people.

During that time David progressed from an entry level sales role through to sales management and is now running a substantial whole Country operation. I talk to David about how he has navigated his career and overcome various challenges as the company exponentially grew, constantly transformed and continues to evolve.

Surviving and thriving in this environment takes a lot of resilience, David’ shares the learnings and wisdom he has picked up along the journey.

David Shepherd talking sales with team