Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Future Proof Selling Podcast


With highlights from the topics of Prospecting, Large Deal Management, Sales Process and Leadership I have had the pleasure to discuss world-class modern sales practices with some of the best, and most successful brains in B2B sales for almost three years. Much has happened in that time, and the pace at which we need to […]

Keenan on Sales Leadership and Coaching

Jim Keenan on Future Proof Sales Podcast

Transcript of podcast interview with Steven Norman and Keenan Steven: Welcome everybody! Really pleased today to have a very special guest: Keenan. He’s the Founder of A Sales Guy, which is a great sales consulting and recruiting company, he’s got a huge following on LinkedIn, he’s a great keynote speaker, and he was just ranked number […]

Increase Employee Engagement by 20+% by focusing on Strengths NOT Weaknesses

This Gallup survey from a few years back is such striking evidence about the benefit of focusing on people’s strengths vs. weaknesses. For me this is the last nail in the coffin of the old performance appraisal with its focus on “development” areas. The Old Doctrine It is hard to believe that management doctrine for […]

Sprint versus Marathon: Managing Pressure as a Modern Executive


The huge focus on this quarter’s results. The long hours and relentless pressure of walking a tightrope among conflicting interests. Intense back-to-back meetings. A hectic travel schedule and working away from home for extended periods. The unholy early mornings combined with frequent late nights. Incoming urgent issues and top-down requests that need attention. Challenges and […]

Nine Reasons Why Business Leaders Must Focus On Existing Customers

We all love the feeling of winning new accounts. It’s a great rush, there’s tremendous peer and management recognition, celebrations-a-plenty, plus there’s the ultimate satisfaction of unseating an incumbent competitor and no doubt anticipating the compelling financial rewards coming your way. And rightly so. Because winning new accounts is hard work, and getting harder. Customers […]