Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Future Proof Selling Podcast

With highlights from the topics of Prospecting, Large Deal Management, Sales Process and Leadership

I have had the pleasure to discuss world-class modern sales practices with some of the best, and most successful brains in B2B sales for almost three years. Much has happened in that time, and the pace at which we need to grow and adapt is truly relentless. I’m very humbled and grateful for the thought leaders I’ve had the pleasure to interview, and for the audience that have always supported myself, and the show. The Future-Proof Community.

Whether we are leaders, or sales folks on the ground (or now remotely) we grow together. The Future-Proof Selling Podcast covers all B2B sales topics from leadership and recruiting, to prospecting and discovery, account management and tech stacks.

There are also several episodes which explore the creative drive that can turn a salesperson into a superstar, and/or a leader into a much-loved and sought after mentor and advisor.

The 100 Episodes Highlight Reel!

As a leader for the majority of my 25+ year career, I am still learning. What are we doing wrong, what are we doing right, and how do we navigate?

For this highlight reel, we’re going to focus on three topics that I am extremely passionate about in the work that I currently do with enterprise tech sales leaders and their teams.

There may need to be future highlight reel topics in the pipeline…your suggestions are welcome.

The trends we were already seeing with working remotely, and adapting to new technology have only accelerated. Now more than ever, access to proven innovative ideas is priceless for recovery, growth, and sustained success.

The Highlight Reel

Prospecting Insights

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Tony Hughes - Episode 1

Prospecting and Progressing a sale
Tony shares his thoughts on effective prospecting, how to personalise our messaging to potential buyers and how we must leverage insight to progress the sale.

Jordan Mara – Episode 5

Why most lead generation efforts fail and how to do it right
Jordan draws on his track record of success to share how you can achieve great lead-gen results with a high quality, research-driven approach.

Jason Bay – Episode 28

Getting responses to Emails and Calls
The majority of salespeople don’t have a closing problem. They have an opening problem. Jason shares his method to remove the mystery of what to say in your cold outreach so you can schedule more meetings and close more deals.

David Shepherd – Episode 38

Personalised Prospecting and Social for Salespeople Tips on how to personalise and leverage social media in your prospecting, with insights on how to better understand your customers and make it easier for them to buy.

Dale Dupree – Episode 58

Creative Sales Strategies
Dale brings a unique and creative approach to the sales space that encourages taking risks to get noticed and to secure new sales opportunities.

Mark McInnes – Episode 67

Achieving 60% prospecting response rates
Achieveing 60% prospecting response rates consistently can sound like a “pipe dream.” But according to social selling expert and top consultant Mark McInnes it’s very reachable if you get your cadence right.

Large Deal Management Strategies

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Michelle Buckley – Episode 3

Large Account Buying Trends
Michelle shares how to manage risk in our deals and the importance of leading with business outcomes to navigate the increased complexity in large deals.

Steve Hall – Episode 12

Selling at C-Level
A must listen for anyone selling high value or business-critical solutions. Do you and your team want to master the art of high-level executive selling? Here is a great place to start.

John Smibert – Episode 18

Selling via Positive Disruption
Offering insight to customers that drives positive business outcomes for THEM is critical to sales success today. John calls this process 'Selling via Positive Disruption,' and outlines five areas we need to master around this concept.

Tom Williams – Episode 22

Navigating the Buying Committee
We discuss navigating the Buying Committee and Stakeholder Management at length, Tom has great experience and insight in this area.

James Muir – Episode 43 & 44

The Perfect Close Part 1
How manipulative sales techniques could be killing your sales, the importance of intent over technique and the secret weapon that sales people don’t realise they have

The Perfect Close Part 2
Preparing your expectations for a meeting and the two questions that are 95% successful for the perfect close

Aaron McCormick – Episode 75

Big Ticket Enterprise Sales Success
Aaron shares how he overcame the odds and the sales philosophy which saw him generate massive success, plus a number of practical tips on how to find your biggest and best sales opportunities.

Sales Process and Leadership Highlights

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Keenan – Episode 8

Sales Leadership & Sales Coaching
In his own very direct and energetic style Keenan shares his thoughts on what’s going on with sales leadership, sales coaching, how we should be thinking about our customer’s business challenges and be building powerful business cases for change, and much more.

Calum Kilgour and John Bissett – Episode 14

Replicate Rockstar Reps and overcome No Decision
“No Decision” is one of the biggest problems that sales teams face today. We go into depth on this topic and how to address the problem with Calum Kilgour and John Bissett from Slingshot Edge

Tamara Schenk – Episode 6

Sales Enablement Defined and how to get it right
Sales Enablement is a fast growing discipline with 59% of sales organisations currently reporting a sales enablement initiative or function. We discuss what sales enablement is all about, the key trends emerging and what’s critical to make it work.

David Masover – Episode 69

Implementing the Sales Process
David shares how to implement his four level sales process to enable leaders to make a new process be adopted and succeed.

Alex McNaughten – Episode 90

Scaling B2B Sales and developing your Sales Playbook
Hear the keys Alex uses to help businesses reduce their sales costs, speed sales cycles, maximise win rates, build out teams, expand into new markets and ultimately generate $10s of millions in new revenues

Phil Cleary – Episode 91

Top New Sales Enablement Priorities Highly recommended for sales or business leaders looking to launch or expand upon a sales enablement program within your company as Phil shares insights gained on over 12 years of specialising in sales enablement.

What has been your favourite episode or what would you most like to hear in upcoming episodes? Feel free to share your feedback on the podcast below and thanks again to all our guests and listeners who continue to improve our sales profession.

If you have any specific questions about further developing your sales capability and team success, feel free to reach out using the form below.

Steven Norman and the Growth Acumen team.