Mike Adams Podcast Transcript on Sales Storytelling

Mike Adams sales storytelling

Transcript of podcast interview with Steven Norman and Mike Adams Steven: Welcome to the show everybody! I’m really pleased today to have a special guest, Mr Mike Adams, who has just written a book called Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell. This book really blew my mind, and I think it’s a missing link for a […]

Pioneer of Modern Sales Max Altschuler on Tech and Millennials


Transcript of podcast interview with Steven Norman and Max Altschuler Steven: Hello everybody and thanks for joining us! – a real pleasure today to be joined by Mr Max Altschuler! Max is the Founder and CEO of Sales Hacker, which is the leading community of modern sales professionals. He’s also the author of what’s a classic […]

What Fishing can teach us about Sales Productivity

sales productivity

The peanut-butter spread approach Let’s say I own 100 fishing boats and I am awarded the exclusive rights to fish an area, let’s say it’s a square-shaped area that is 10km wide and 10km across. If I don’t know any better, I will divide this up into 100 equal 1km x 1km squares and allocate […]

Seven Tips for Forecast Credibility

A CRITICAL CRITICAL Topic ‘THE FORECAST’ is so important for all sales and business leaders. Your credibility will be judged directly on how well you manage the forecast process. CEOs have been fired for missing their forecast as have many others down the line. We have all seen or been that Sales Leader or Business […]

The Revolution of the Sales Funnel


The Rapid Evolution from Sales Funnel to Customer Journey There has been a huge change in the behaviour of the B2B buyer over the last ten years or so. Previously, a buyer would have been taken out for lunch, to the golf course or cold-called by a salesperson. Today, professional buyers are conducting between 70-80% […]

Seven Tips for Managing a C-Level Sales Call

It’s the holy grail for salespeople, and very few actually operate at this level. If you can dothis effectively you will be in an elite group, you will have deeper and more meaningfulrelationships with your customers and you should enjoy a shorter sales-cycle andimproved close rates. There is no reason to be afraid, CEOs and […]