Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Future Proof Selling Podcast


With highlights from the topics of Prospecting, Large Deal Management, Sales Process and Leadership I have had the pleasure to discuss world-class modern sales practices with some of the best, and most successful brains in B2B sales for almost three years. Much has happened in that time, and the pace at which we need to […]

Interview on Andy Pauls Podcast Accelerate – Sales Strategies for the Future

It was a pleasure to be interviewed on Andy Paul’s popular podcast Accelerate. We covered a lot of up-to-the-minute sales strategies here!…  We talk about everything from modern sales structures to hiring, developing high converting MOFu capabilities and working with buying committees. We also delve into who should negotiate a deal, and the requirement for […]

Jeff Davis Creating Togetherness. Bridge the Divide Between Sales & Marketing

Jeff Davis

Jeff has worked in sales and marketing for over 15 years (interestingly after beginning his career as a NASA engineer! The B2B sales world is blessed that he is truly passionate about sales and marketing alignment. Misalignment between sales and marketing costs B2B companies 10% of revenue or more per year! How do you bridge […]

B2B Social Selling Podcast Transcript with Jack Kosakowski


CEO of Creation Agency, a full service B2B marketing agency, Jack Kosakowski joined me on the Future Proof Selling Podcast to talk about Social Selling. As an expert on the B2B seller’s approach to social, Jack shares his insight with us over 30 minutes. “You’re only going to get so much out of an organic […]

Overcome “No Decision” with Calum and John Podcast Transcript

Calum Kilgour and John Bissett

No decision in sales is a huge pain point in modern B2B. Calum, John and I discussed this at length and covered some other great areas including the issue of a crowded marketplace, and how to replicate the greatness of your rockstar salespeople through sales enablement. How can you get the other 60-70% of your […]

Sales Win Loss Analysis Cian McLoughlin Transcript


Pleasure to post the Podcast Transcript from my interview with Cian McLoughlin, expert on win loss analysis. I have had a lot of discussions with people about this episode. Cian is founder of Trinity Perspective, a sales consulting firm specialising in win-loss analysis. He is also the author of Rebirth of a Salesman. Cian explains how […]

Sales Enablement Tamara Schenk Podcast Transcript


Sales Enablement is a fast growing discipline with 59% of sales organisations currently reporting a sales enablement initiative or function compared to only 19% in 2013. Tamara Shenk, Research Director at CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman, discusses what sales enablement is all about, the key trends emerging and what’s critical to make […]

Next-Gen Lead Generation with Jordan Mara: Podcast Transcript

Jordan Mara

Master prospector Jordan Mara, founder of Coho Sales Consulting – the world’s leading sales training and enablement business for SaaS startups, shares his insights on the value of a high quality research-driven approach. Steven: Welcome to the show everybody – really excited today to be joined by Jordan Mara! Jordan is the Founder of Coho Sales, […]

Feature Interview on School for Startups: Future Proof Sales Strategy


Pleased to have talked with Jim Beach in an interview discussing the seven steps to a Future Proof Sales Strategy and other key insights. I talk with Jim about developing a sales structure that really reflects what’s happening with our customers, and why.   Have a listen to the full interview here Some points from […]

High Level Executive Selling Podcast Transcript with Steve Hall

Transcript of podcast interview with Steven Norman and Steve Hall Steven: Steve is an expert on C-level selling, so that’s what we’ll be talking about today mostly. Steve, welcome to the show! Steve: Thank you very much, Steven – great name you have there!   Do you and your team want to master the art of high-level […]