Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Future Proof Selling Podcast


With highlights from the topics of Prospecting, Large Deal Management, Sales Process and Leadership I have had the pleasure to discuss world-class modern sales practices with some of the best, and most successful brains in B2B sales for almost three years. Much has happened in that time, and the pace at which we need to […]

Make the Right Hire

Hiring B2B sales staff

Simple steps to identify and retain your top sales talent. My article recently published in US ePublications magazine HR.com. The approach to hiring B2B sales staff is incredibly important in today’s competitive market. How do you get the right people in the right roles where they will be successful AND stay with your organisation? If […]

Scaling your Business: Can you make the Leap?

We all know the scary statistics about the volume of business failures within the first few years of starting up. There’s an unfortunately large graveyard of shooting stars that come down to earth with a sudden crash – companies that, for whatever, reason had cashflow problems, staff issues, challenges retaining customers or they just couldn’t […]