The Importance of Discovery in B2B Sales


As competition has increased, sustainable competitive advantage is now rarely achieved through products. This places increased emphasis on the sales and marketing functions within the business to create the differentiator. For B2B businesses, I see the trend towards sales capability becoming the defining key to enduring success. In this interview with Alex McNaughten for his […]

Keeping Prospects Engaged Through Effective Discovery


Great to be interviewed by James Harper on his podcast, Two Cents Worth: A Podcast on B2B Sales & Entrepreneurship. Our discussion focused on the issue of long sales cycles and how to keep the middle of your funnel engaged. This is an area I see missing from much sales training, which typically focuses on prospecting […]

Leadership and Sales with Steven Norman on Let’s Talk Sales Podcast


I very much enjoyed being interviewed by Elizabeth Frederick on the “Let’s Talk Sales” Podcast for Criteria For Success. We deep dive into the challenges of sales Leadership and what is required of the modern leader to really elevate their career and the success of their team. The theme for September was the sales playbook. […]

Why Mofu Sales Matters: Can it make or break your Career?

inquisitor podcast mofu sales

Recruitment and MoFu sales. Two of the most critical areas in B2B sales. Really enjoyed being interviewed by Channel Sales expert Marcus Cauchi for his podcast “The Inquisitor.” Marcus and I share a passion for sales recruitment. Attracting top sales talent, and effective sales hiring and management is crucial to our success as leaders. How […]

Adapting to the New World of Selling

Steven Norman on Business Essentials Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for Business Essentials by Chris Ashmore. Digital tech has made consumers lives a lot easier; but are businesses keeping up with customer’s buying habits? The sales function and the way that companies sell has not changed much in the last 20 years. In comparison to marketing and […]

Steven Norman Interviewed on Talking Business with Alan Kohler


It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Mr Alan Kohler on his show “Talking Business.” We discussed some of the difficulties sales leaders and their teams are facing, and what strategies and systems can be implemented to transform modern sales teams into future proof sales machines. Talking Business is an inflight entertainment radio program […]

Feature Interview on School for Startups: Future Proof Sales Strategy


Pleased to have talked with Jim Beach in an interview discussing the seven steps to a Future Proof Sales Strategy and other key insights. I talk with Jim about developing a sales structure that really reflects what’s happening with our customers, and why.   Have a listen to the full interview here Some points from […]

Make the Right Hire

Hiring B2B sales staff

Simple steps to identify and retain your top sales talent. My article recently published in US ePublications magazine The approach to hiring B2B sales staff is incredibly important in today’s competitive market. How do you get the right people in the right roles where they will be successful AND stay with your organisation? If […]